The Author

I was a point guard for the Lakers from ’79 – ’91. In 1984 I averaged 17.6 points per game, enabling the Lakers to enter the NBA Finals against the Celtics. In 1991 I contracted HIV — oh wait, that was Magic Johnson.

In between shenanigans, tom foolery, and good eating, I enjoy dabbling on my guitar,
lucid dreaming, and being a doctor. That’s right, I am a doctor — i’m just going through
college again, you know, to refresh on a couple things.

This blog is my project, and the reason behind it is threefold: For one, I want to help people learn not only how to lucid dream, but understand it more and gain new insight and possibilities about dreaming. I want you guys to have a place to go to learn more than just the basics and even help contribute to new ideas. For two, I want to bring lucid dreaming out to the public more. Few people have heard about it and fewer people have tried it. It’s wondrous and everyone should experience it. For three, I want to examine the deeper and newer aspects of this new science, and I need help doing it — I need not only readers but contributors; people not afraid to tell me what they think or examine new ideas with me.

You can contact me at



  1. Dear B12Dreamer,

    You may want to watch the 4-part LDS tutorial I made for Youtube (keywords: dream supplements). Tom Yuschak and I are in regular contact regarding our LDS research. We continue to experiment and refine this exciting new LD technique. One thing we are working on is combining the LDS technique with Dream Yoga. The Tibetan Buddhists have a solid handle on lucid dreaming which we feel can be supercharged with the LDS method to help reach the desired state of enlightenment more effectively.

    Sweet Dreams,

    Scot Stride

  2. love your posts. will follow ! thanks!

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