Posted by: b12dreamer | June 14, 2008

Write your dreams down!

I had an interesting lucid dream last night.

That’s all I can tell you — because I didn’t WRITE IT DOWN! I was too busy with the thought – why I am awake so early on a Saturday?. That didn’t last long though, as I turned over and passed out again.

Have a piece of paper or a notepad and a pencil beside you at night, and jot down a few words about your dream when you wake up. It’ll be easier to recall that way. You will also start to train yourself to pay more attention to your dreams.

Or as njosnavelin suggested, use an audio recording device (many smartphones have these) to voice record your dreams, and listen to them later to recall or even write them down. It really helps!



  1. Thanks for the blog and info. I’d be interested in hearing your opinions on ZMA and GABA on producing vivid or lucid dreams.

  2. I’ll be sure to write about those soon! I’ll check out some places to get samples of ZMA and GABA.

    I’m not so sure about the GABA though.

  3. for the particularly lazy and easily re-slumbering of us (like me), a dictaphone or some kind of audio recording device is a handy alternative to a notepad… then you get to write out the voice-recorded version of the dream in your journal later on… i usually do this bit before bed in the evening, seems to add an extra boost to my dream memory, especially in the more longterm sense (ie i can still clearly recall the dream several days later, which used to be unheard of for me even with recording dreams as soon as i woke up).

  4. keep posting stuff please!

  5. i dream many times im eating and some time its raining what is meaning of it plz comment

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