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Galantamine and Choline: A Guide

 You can’t talk about Lucid Dreaming suppliments without talking about this killer combination. No “lucid pill” comes without these two; for this they are one of the best combinations that will provide you with a better chance at having a lucid dream.

Galantamine is mainly used as a treatment for Alzheimer’s. A reduce in the production of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine is the reason for Alzheimer’s, and Galantamine inhibits the breakdown of acetylcholine. This results in more acetylcholine. I’ll skip the rest of the science stuff and just say this: Acetylcholine is present in REM sleep; it’s important for the generation and maintenance of REM sleep. Galantamine also acts as an agonist for acetylcholine, essentially doubling the amount you have and facilitating REM sleep even faster. Galantamine

So what does this mean? Galantamine will cause an increase in REM sleep, resulting in longer and more vivid dreams.

So then how do I use it? All you need is around 4-8mg of Galantamine in combination with a WBTB. You can take it before bed but it won’t have as profound of an effect.
But Sam, are there any side effects? Yes. That’s why you shouldn’t take it more than 3 times a week max. If you do, you’ll find yourself dizzy, nauseous, and may even lose sleep. Now you don’t want that, do you?

Choline Choline is an essential nutrient found within the Vitamin B complex. It’s found in…acetylcholine! You need choline to keep your brain strong. Basically, it maintains the structure of the signaling pathways between your cell membranes.

How do I use it? Not without Galantamine. Alone, Choline does nothing in terms of dream recall and vividness. All it does is the same thing it does everyday: help make acetylcholine. But when combined with Galantamine, it intensifies the actions of Galantamine, thus producing more REM juice (acetylcholine, in case you haven’t gotten it yet). If you are supplimenting Choline, 400-800mg will suffice for a lucid dream. More won’t help.
Side effects? Nope.
What if I want to take it naturally? Choline is found in such sources as egg yolks, soy, cooked beef, chicken, veal, and turkey liver. It’s going to be pretty hard eating enough choline to suppliment your galantamine, so I would suggest you go the vitamin route.

Combining the two
Putting these two together will be like loading yourself into a cannon and launching into a wall…If the cannon means sleeping and the wall means lucid dreaming. To help, take some B complex vitamins throughout the day (via a Multivitamin, you should be doing that anyway!) If you’re not taking a multivitamin, eat a banana or two a couple hours before bed. Then wake up after a couple hours of sleep (WBTB) and take your Galantamine and Choline. Or if you’ve chosen the natural Choline route, just the Galantamine. Remember, take 4-8mg of Galantamine and 400-800mg of Choline. From there, you can choose to WILD or DILD. You’re bound to have greatly increased dream recall and vividness. From there, it’s all about practicing your lucidity techniques!

Where do I find these?
You can find these at many online pharmacies. I won’t list any since I don’t support one over any other. You can also find them in combination together. I found a combination Galantamine/Choline pill at GNC a few weeks back. Your local pharmacies (CVS, Rite-Aid, Kroeger, any other ones around your area) probably won’t have it; most major retail pharmacies don’t carry these suppliments.


  1. r these safefor a 14 year old to take in these quntitys

  2. is this safe for a 13 year old to take? like twice a week

  3. For Galantamine and Alpha GPC together, try Memeron. See for more information.

  4. I have tried b-5 on an empty stomach before bedtime , The R.D.A. of course, And this worked for me ! Now I will try Choline bitartate, and B-5 with Galantamine this will probably do it .

  5. I’ve been practicing lucid dreaming now for about four years, and NOTHING works better than this stuff. It’s a lucid-dreaming miracle pill. I get the 8 mg caps from 30 caps for 20 bucks.
    That having been said, I find that taking galantamine hydrobromide with choline bitartrate or CPC choline and pantothenic acid (B-5), along with a tiny (I mean tiny- one half mg of Yohimbe) will catapult you into the most amazing lucid dreamscapes imaginable. I also recommend ECGC green tea extract with the Yohimbe to raise norepinephrine levels. But exercise caution on the Yohimbe. I would say just bite off a little tiny piece of a tablet. Also, if taking Yohimbe, DO NOT eat chocolate or cheese. It could be dangerous.
    One last thing: Don’t take these things at bedtime. Take them after you have slept for approx. four hours, then wake up to take a 45 minute break in which you do an activity that requires thinking. I read about lucid dreaming. Then eat a small piece of cake or cookie to get some quick carbs, and then take the above supplements right before going back to sleep. You will tryp out and have the best lucid dreams ever!

  6. Davey – I have ordered the concoction you’ve recommended – I just have one question. I always thought to have a lucid dream you have to recognize in the dream that you are actually having a dream, then go lucid. Are you saying with the above supplements you go right into a lucid dream without recognition of having a dream? thanks

  7. incognito1948, I believe the reason these supplements work is because it gives you a greater sense of awareness and logical thinking power so that it is easier for you to recognize you are dreaming. Normally in a dream if you see something unrealistic it isn’t likely you would realize something is out of place…..but with these supplements you are more likely to do so.

  8. I just purchased a bottle of GalantaMind capsules from an online vitamin shop. One capsule has 4mg of galantamine, 200mg of Choline and 100mg of pantathenic acid. Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and took two capsules. I then had one of the most vivid lucid dreams ever! Before I became lucid, the dream was a borderline nightmare. But once I realized I was lucid, I took control and turned it into an amazing experience. After I woke up, I went back to sleep and had another dream that turned lucid! But for some odd reason, I made no attempt to stabilize it or take control in any way and it quickly faded.

  9. incognito1948, No, you won’t just slip right into a lucid dream, but almost. It will become very easy to achieve lucidity. You’re right about recognizing that you are dreaming and then going lucid. I also try to get into the practice of questioning myself whether or not I’m dreaming during waking hours. Then, the questioning carries over to the dreamtime. Also, look at your hand during the daytime and that too will carry over into a dream. My hand looked swirly blue-violet once, and instantly I went lucid, knowing that’s not how my hand is supposed to look.
    Here’s another good dream cocktail:

    Valerian (one or two capsules)
    Kava-Kava (one or two capsules)
    Holy Basil or “Tulsi” Extract (30-40 drops in water)
    Passion Flower Extract (30-40 drops in water)

    Drink above things together. You will become very relaxed (body asleep / mind awake). You may experience some sleep paralysis, and may even have an OBE, but you will almost definitely have an amazing journey and maybe have a flying dream. I usually get outstanding results from this combination of supplements.

  10. all this combination does it keep you awake , have tried it 3 times with declined dream results then usuall.

  11. Excellent combo, I tried it for the first time last night in the worst poss conditions, ie very tired, too much internet right before bed then sleeping in extreme heat and humidity (I live on the coast of Spain), was woken by my mobile phone at 05:00 popped 8 mg of Galantamind and 300 of Choline but was unable to stay awake for the prescribed hour , I just colapsed back in to bed.
    I then moved through an odd half awake dream state ( I was aware of being in bed and hearing traffic etc) which gradually moved through a preparation stage to lucid drreaming , I was dreaming about preparing to lucid dream un believably but was not actually lucid at this stage. Then the dream went to 110% color and visual detail I snapped into an extremely aware state, interacting with a woman who was more real than real if it were, all the while being aware that I was lying in my bed. This being in two states at once has only ever happened to me once before when I had my longest and most vivid projection, I was able to increase the depth and detail of the projection in the “dream state” by breathing deeper in my “physical state”.

    last nights experience was cut short by my alarm clock but left me in a state of shock due to the vivid “realness” of the dream or projection or what ever it was.
    So Now I will wait for 4 nights before trying again, cant wait!
    Incidently a good book on the subject is “advanced lucid dreaming” by Thomas Yuschak, practical info on dosis and the supplements available.

  12. OH MY GOD…
    This was so real…
    I saw this forum and i got Galantamine and cholin HCL, then i took 500 mg of choline and 8 mg of galantamine before bed, its was sooooooooo wooooooooow.. it was astral no only lucid… at the first when i went sleeping, i heard that noise in my ears then, a big earthquake,that really trefied me… and shake my soul… then i `m standing in the middle of the room over my body… i saw my self sleeping, but the room a little bit messed up because the earthquake… and then i opened the door,went to the ohter room everything was normal, even the time was normal… i opened the balcony, i made reality check, the i went flying overseas, went to all the places i like, met people… it was really amazing… this supplement is the most thing the makes you lucid or astral, i didnt believe you guys at the first, also galantamine 8mg in my country cost 200 $,so expensive… but now i know it worth every cent of it… woooooooooooow.. more to come….

  13. BTW.. you don’t have to wait 4 nights, it depend on the room temp.. and it was true Deliverancer, you can here the traffic, but please all of you.. make reality check before doing anything.. also this kind of lucid is astral lucid something between lucid dream and astral projection, this state has never been named before.. i name it.. The “Earth Quake”…. more to come

  14. Hey umm I’ve been reading a lot about lucid dreaming lately and I will like to try it but at the same time I’m kind of scared that I will loose sense of what’s real and whats not.. I still need a little help what do yall recomend?

  15. 1st always try to do reality check, second when you are dreaming you will realize that your are dreaming in lucid state… and then in real life you will realize you are in real life… in all ways make reality check every time you face something not normal ….

  16. ADAM,
    You said you dont wait 4 nights.. I did this to avoid desensitization and I also take Paracetam imediately after waking from the LD to also speed up the elimation of Galantamind from my body.
    Last night I tried again after a 3 day wait , woke at 0400, took the Galantamind and some more Choline, and went back to sleep ( I was toooo tired to wait an hour) I had a series of long vivid dreams but no LD or AP then I woke at 0600 and could get back to sleep so I got up at 0700.

    Basically I was too tired, I didnt get enough of deep sleep before trying the pills.

    Tonight i will try again (tomorrow I dont work!) despite probably overloading my system with galantamind.

    Why do you say it depends on room temperature?

  17. I notice that the first successful times I tried I was waking at 0500 and taking pills instead of 0400 as recently. Giving my self at least 6 hours deep sleep before waking seems to be my ideal. Will get back with more info.

    Info more supplements to try
    I have also ordered

    Huperzine A
    Dopa Mucuna

    will report back when I try them

    Has anyone tried
    Calea Z?

  18. well things you have to know about room temperature for lucid should be low in all seasons set to 18 or 20, not more or less, when room temprature should be a little bit cold in all seasons, cause 1st stage of lucid you body will be at low temperature due to transit stage, but when u in a lucid dream your body will be 38 to 38.5 C and sometimes it go higher then your mind will woke up your body because of high temp of you body, so when the room is always at low temp, it will stabilize you body cause your body will exchange temp with the room temp. and your body will always remains at normal temp.
    other thing you should know, DO NOT DRINK REDBULL or any energy drink before 24 h of lucid…
    as for not waiting the 4 days, drink 1 liter of milk the day after lucid, the milk will help your body to get rid of galantamine or other drugs fast by URINE..

    as for supplement, use always galantamine and choline b or C, and a little bit of Yohimbine. but the is a good way of taking the drugs to gether..

    1st, get the 8mg of Galantamine and smash it, to make it powder, then add on it the Yohimbine and make them powder by smashing them.. be carefull not to lose any of the mg…
    then open the choline capsule and add the galantamine + Yohimbine powder to the capsule, you can empty some of the choline if no space.. so you will mix all together in one capsule, the choline capsule..
    this will help to digest all the mix in one time together..

  19. ADAM

    I am waiting for my yohimbe to arrive mail order, then I’ll try your mix.

    thx for the info.


    Something Wrong with this supplement i don’t know, this is not LUCID dreams anymore. Its something like real astral projection….but more real…
    after i entered what we call lucid, i saw a girl that i barely know her from far away in real life… i slept with her and i noticed a mark on her body… i never ever saw this girl so close or known any one knew her, but yesterday i saw her on the beach in real life and i saw the same mark on her body…. and she smiled to me as if she knew we were having sex…. what the hell is that…
    dose we were dreaming together the same dream same time…
    this is not lucid or astral anymore….
    also i start to realize i`m predicting things that will happen.. few little things… but it wasn’t there before this supplements….
    anyone faced the same things???

  21. I get most of the same results with Actified antihistamine tablets two hours before bed.

  22. @ADAM. Relax lol. Sounds like you haviing some good times..

    But it is not anything to worry about. All the planes are ( apparently) interconnected and affect each other. How ever to be able to influence events on a normal every day basis specially with ppl we know is something harder.
    1. Normally when I am lucid dreaming and meet someone I know they are usually non lucid. I can talk to them and say “hey you are dreaming and when you wake up you ‘ll remember this” but ofc they never do because 99% of the population do not make a specific effort to remember their dreams and ofc they were not lucid. I often meet my wife while I dream but as she has never had a lucid dream and is not interested in the idea, she never remembers..

    2. I have altered my health via lucid dreams – specifically when I suffered from really bad dust allergy.

    I made a point to look into health issues while LDing

    It took a while before I was in an LD with 100% awareness (ie I knew I was dreaming and had TOTAL recall of my living life – often I get 90% lucid where I just fly around and get distracted with sex rather then DOING more imnportant things). Here I remembered my allergy and did some work on it in the dream. The result being I was able to stop my medication and my sneezing attacks stopped completely.

    I have a mental list of stuff to do while in lds

    My next big one is a phobia I have that has plagued me for the last 3 years. I Know that this is a deep rooted fear experience that I will have to confront ..
    I have not been able to source the cause of this despite a year of regressional hypnosis – its there but my mind wont let me in…This is the reason I turned to supplement induced LDs. So far my experiences have been more actual projections rather then dreams – extremely vivid physical-

    At this stage ( 8 experiences so far) I am still exploring before making any major moves, I am more passive and just let things happen.
    This morning I had some minor vibrations and then the full head on rush. I was concious of being in three diferent places at once, lying on bed, floating in an office and flying over snow covered winter landscape. Some one (thing) was “treating ” me with some sort of energy , I actually felt hands ajusting my sleep mask (I thought it was my wife trying to wake me up, she later told me that had not )

    So I have the feeling I am being “prepared” before moving out and doing some major internal repairs lol.

    So dont worry – it is all a learning process and we are very priviledged to be ” aware” of this.

    REMEMBER you can always ask for help while projecting (and lets face it we ARE projecting, these experiences are far beyond any spontaneous lucid dreams that i had before) Help will come if you ask.

    Good luck

  23. @Hugh
    Are you serious? I sometimes take Clarin for hay fever. But have not tried that at night. I have read of nasty side effects of some anti histamines.

    Remember : Galatamine has no side effects if you take it 2 or 3 times a week, You can take more if you use Piracetam to increase the elimanation of Galatamine. Which is why we use it.

  24. Sorry I cant edit posts- I meant to say : we use Galatamine because it is totally safe and free of side effects. Dosage 4 – 8 mg with 200 mg of Choline on waking after 5 hours of sleep. Check the web for more info.

  25. Updates Vitamin B6

    Last night being one of my Galantamine detox nights I decided to try something new.
    I took B6 at bedtime 200mg. ( ppl say its not LD inducing but helps dream vividness and recall)

    I went to bed at 0100 and woke at 0400 after having a series of very long richly detailed complex dreams (think TV documentary / historical drama) often verging on the surreal. I went back to sleep around 0500 and continued the prevoius dreams although this time the themes very complex inter personal relationships in a high society family. No lucidity at all. But then again no dream triggers as the second section of dreams were very lifelike.

    Problem is that I woke very tired indeed – blood shot eyes. I felt the dreams started during my early deep sleep cycles and I didnt get enough quality sleep before the REM cycles.

    Next time I ‘ll try B6 with WBTB sequence and see if I still am wiped out in the morning.

    My Huperzine A has arrived.. Any one tried this? I read that it works in a similiar way to Galantamine and is not advisable to mix them..

    Next week my DMAE, Dopa mucuna, and damiana should be here….

  26. I think, this is the safe supplement:
    Vitamin B6 50mg
    Galantamine 4mg
    choline 100mg
    this is like one of the LD supplement product that i found;

  27. hello all.. thanks for the info all…
    thanks Deliverancer for the info…
    i just woke up now from mutinies from a 2 h of astral projection.. it was really amazing…
    i never took Galantamine from a week, but just before 2 h, i took 800mg of choline HCL + 100 mg of Folic Acid and eat a banana, then after 30 min, went to bed.. then a full astral projection last for almost 2 h…woooooooooow was soooooo controllable… my microwave oven was not heating, so i met someone in my astral projection and he taught me how to fix the fuse inside the microwave, now i woke up and i open the microwave for the first time in my life, i found a fuse, i need to go and buy a new fuse and replace it.. thats it.. loooooooooooooooool.. unbelievable things is happening to me…more to come

  28. has any body out there tried contacting jesus after mixing galantamine/choline/yohimbie? interesting experiment…



  29. @gregory
    erm I think we are beyond historical belief systems here. I prefer to contact my higher self or my guides when out of body. Jesus will exist for those who have need of such external based points of reference. But I think you will find the source is within you rather then imposed externally.
    Good luck anyways.

  30. deleverancer

    apreciate you setting me strait here . as i read your post back to me i realized what my higher self is, and who my guide truly is . society these days have tried to push me to believe that jesus is just a external based point of reference imposed externally-as you put it, and i was starting to believe it until lucidity experimentation came into my life . historical belief systems as you put it –is just that, but when you find the truth- a belief system becomes truth to the person who seeks the truth, and it wasn’t truth to me until i found it, lucid dreaming and out of body experementation was the determining factors in my comfirmed belief of jesus and his ways . even edgar cayce knows the truth of jesus –and i would say that he was truly the king of natural day time lucid dreaming without taking herbs to find the the rabbit hole, he proved that there are folks out there with these natural abilitys.. what i have found is you can find any body you want through lucid out of body traveling, its even more exciting when you discover how to cut the bungie cord loose from your ankle that releases you to travel beyound the right side of the sun into the cool crisp doorways of the cosmos, at the point you cut that cord that attaches you to this iron rock filled with opinions and humans that preach bumper stickers for there own evil purposes–you will notice that you have a bolt of lightning that pushes you through to anywhere you want to go and to see who you want to see, it realy gets exciting when you have masterd the use of shrinking youself down to a tiny red laser like orb moving in and out of places you normaly have been kept out of for selfish reasons by THEM, it is when you can master this little trick is when you get to see the truth of light–as we travel this light with blinders most of our lives and push the beliefs that truth is what ever society pushes you to believe, and to be honest it apears that society is ever more pushing the belief that its all in you and there is no other reasons, this sounds to me that people are more inclined to follow external cult opinion as you are suggesting jesus is just a external point of reference, there for your clever little suggestion that my inquiry about searching for jesus through lucid dreaming is just a historical belief system — shows you the walls that are built up by society for you to keep you as a slave , its when you gain the belief that anything and every thing is possible – is the point you discover how to detach the bungie cord that is keeping you attached to this earth and not allowing you to reach through the worm hole and come back on your own , remember–its not a matter as to wether it is or wether it isn’t—-the question is why would it not be, and when you can answer that question honestly is when you have discovered the truth, a open mind is a hwy least traveled in todays society,–and look where thats gotten us..the realm of academia doesnt contribute to any success without common sense, and does not contribute to a common sense society. when you take common sense out of the equasion your left with starving people under the rule of liars….
    yea you guessed it—im a american indian, not a native american as the slave masters want me to call my people through there academic psycology brain storming–i know where they came from and so do you…
    GOOD LUCK TO YOU ANYWAYS–and open up your mind to the light through lucid out of body travel, its awsome…

    sorry for all the mispelling as spell check not working, but i know your intellagent enough to understand what i wrote..




  31. I have a question…but let me start with an explanation… I have been experiencing sleep paralysis for years… and a couple of times have experienced an OBE. This is without supplements of any kind. The sleep paralysis seems to plague me most though, and at times is truly a very frightful experience…which can actually cause me insomnia afterwards for a night or two to follow…although I do not feel like I am being “attacked” by evil…it is just very freaky… The worst, in particular, is when I am being held by something. I don’t get the crushing sensations, or feel like someone is sitting on my chest though… All of the research I have done is either all scientific or all demons and evil spirits… I feel like sleep paralysis is just opening a door to a spiritual world though, that we can see, feel, and hear. For me, if I am sleeping in an environment that I am not used to (such as a friends house), it comes on more frequently and seems somewhat more scary. I was thinking about trying some of these supplements though, to help me with this, and thought they may give me the opportunity to explore and be more in control during these.

    So hear is the question… How do you all feel safe and protected when experiencing these lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and OBE’s? Why do only some people experience sleep paralysis? I have read most of the posts on this site and wonder about the OBE…some people mention that they speak with others during these and get information from others…how does this work and are these spirit guides? If people can truly have OBE’s, can you do things like search for missing children or is the world you travel in different than the world we exist in?

  32. munday j

    i experience lucid dreaming naturaly almost every knight, and obe’s about 2 times a month all my life . i noticed that when i had scary LD’S –the next day i would examine the posible reasons for this, i came to the conclusions that stress from the day along with fast food , scary movies late in the evening , the evening news filled with half truths and downer images , and everything negitive in this world that you are forced to live through–etc, had a huge impact on my bed time thought process wether i relized it or not-it seems for me all the negativity was burried in the back of my subconcious. i found a way to limit the amount of negitivity and other crap by changing my diet to a more healthy one-and eating more early in the evening, i quit watching the news or anything negitive on the tv, i started watching verry funny vidios and family orientated shows–go to sleep laughing and wake up smiling , i quit worring about everything bad in this world and forced myself to leave it all behind and focused on everything good in this universe, read great books on miricles of good that happened to so many people in this world. i changed my entire negitive life to a shining positive life, reading storys of how good will defeat evil in the end helped as well, it made me feel safe knowing evil will be crushed in the end, i also drew a cross on the back of my hand before i would go to sleep knowing this was my shield–and if a LD OR OBE started to go towards the evil side –i would look at the cross on my hand in the LD OR OBE–and know that my shield jesus was protecting me and the evil doors would close . i also hear a song in my OBE from lenny kravitz—called fly away, i usually hear this song after the point of passing through the basement of a old hospital with dead old people reaching for me–a bolt of lightning shoots out of my back and i blaze a trail through them to the end of the basement were there is a elevator shaft and enter the elevator–my feet seem to have spring loaded souls and i bounce once through the ceiling of the elevator and am on my way to the cosmos , at this point i notice i have a bungie cord atached to my ankle–i take the drawing of the cross on my hand and touch the bungie cord with it and it cuts away, this is the point that lenny kravitz song fly away is playing to me in space as i head slightly to the right of the sun into the stars , at this point i ask the cross on my hand to let me see my dead ancesters and talk to them , and in a flash i turn into a small orb of red light the size of a laser pointer light and move at the speed of light and end up in landscapes unfamilar to me –when i land at these locations is when i see and speak with whom ever i asked the cross to let me see, kinda like making an apointment.
    for me this has always worked, lenny kravitz song fly away just showed up, i bought the cd and used it to get me in a happy soothing mood , this has worked for me with great success and quicker each time.. bottom line for me anyway is to be in the best moods and brain free of all the crap going on this slave planet, and lots of practice, although what works for me may not work for you as we all are verry different mentally. as the song goes–free your mind and the rest will follow, be positive, eat healthy and drink a lot of water . i have found by taking constant cleanse detox tabs frees the body of built up toxins you pick up from polution, bad air, and what ever else toxic that has made it in to my body as i believe that toxins in the body prevent me from having good LD’S and OBE’S. I feel the best when i have made my body as pure as i can get it, and at that point my LD’S and OBE’S are most awsome. be verry carefull when changing outcomes in this reality from imformation you obtain from outside of this reality , as i have learn’d as a kid the hard way that there is punishment for changing the course of history that is already laid out to unfold a certain way as to move another motion as one motion turns another motion -and if you change it–you are going against the plan made by the creator, and he doesent like that verry much.
    detox your body and mind the absolute best you can and i think you can do anything outside of this reality, practice,practice,practice.



  33. P.S
    dont let THEM determine for you as to what a external based point of reference is , as they are the ones that are afraid of the end , and are loyal slaves to a one world collective mind ideal as to enslave the tallents of those who have the natural abilitys that they wish they had . i believe there society is called the virealian society–truely scary socialist stuff . there academic idealog masters have no shield as the king has no clothes. when you travel outside of this reality–you may find from time to time these unshielded commies who want to keep you down and controll everything outside of the light , just remember that there is nothing they can do to you out there–they know you are there but they cant touch you . keep your shield vissable on your hand—it freaks THEM out and they choose to ignore your excistance –then they run like cowards throwing a blinding flash — you cant track them anymore at that point, they are usually wearing a green hitler youth uniform and are cowards… they loose in the end as it is written… ps. they also are afraid of water as it burns them…

  34. WE live in a 4D ” dimension” so OBE is a gate between this dimension life and other dimension lets called 5D, when i`m on OBE most of the things around me is not fake,but it is from other dimension, what i tested last week was a freaky thing, i made a test to know what im into..
    when i`m on OBE with supplement of galantamine + choline,last week i was IN OBE, so when every thing run fine, i was on my own room,so i decided to go to my mom`s house, so i went there flying,then i reached mom house, i entered the house from the wall, and i saw mom and dad sleeping, so i took my mom lipstick and i wrote on the mirror, MOM I LOVE YOU, then i went back to my room flying,then i woke up at 7:am on my mom phone calling me… was so shocked when she told me that she saw my message on the mirror, and she started asking me how i did that and why i didnt woke her up to see me…
    this was so scary to me, i still need to know how did this happen, am i able to enter our real dimension when i`m on OBE… more info sooon….

    • To Adam… Hi.. could you contact me at .. I really just had some questions to ask.. and maybe some experimenting maybe we could try together.. I think this themes are very interesting, specially if they can be used as tool to resolve issues, help other and so on .. so pls. send me an empty mail, then I’ll get back to you..

      Have a nice day !!

  35. Hi everyone, This is my first post in this website; I’ve been studying lucid dreaming for a long time, Had about 4 or 5 experiences of lucid dreaming which were all DILD, And a couple of times was able to launch from there into an OBE.
    Recently I’ve been practicing(Or at least trying) to Lucid dream using all sorts of things that made me feel stupid, Then I was directed to books on the subject by Weintraub, Laberge and Yuschak who lead me to Galantamind; Reading their books made alot of sense and it was more straight-forward, What was kind of disappointing is that some of them would say that Galantamind(Galantamine+Choline) is no magic pill and that it’s a suppliment for people who allready able to lucid dream at will; I didn’t let it get me down though, But they sounded as if the pills aren’t gonna do anything unless you believe you can, Have intent and have faith, sounding as if the pills are nothing more than metaphysical props in a magic ritual;
    This website kinda gave me hope that I can do this, For example, I think one of you said that ”Buying these pills, following the procedure is intent enough, Why else would you be doing all this??, Anywhooz, I wanted to ask you if any of you needed to know how to lucid dream before going the Galantamine way or if Galantamine was a stand-alone way of lucid dreaming??

  36. brian

    i have had out of body and lucid dream experiences all my life without adding galatimine or choline , my experiences came when they wanted to and i was never able to schedule certain times for these ob and Ld experiences, i was wanting more control over when i had these experiences–so i started investigating better ways to schedule these experiences, thats when i came across galantamine and choline mixtures and techiques to gain more control , the mixture did give me the control i was seeking, but with side effects during the day time awake hours, some of these effects were telepathy with like minded people on occasion, so i investigated the reasons why telepathy came into play, what i have found through research on the subject ws amazing–i found that since i was already able to have obes and lds–the pineal gland in my brain was releasing large amounts DMT , the natural DMT had a large effect on my dreams and is probably responsable for my obes and lds. when i mix’d in the galantimne and choline is when the telepathy show’d up, i can only conclude that some how the galantimine and choline some how made the pineal gland release larger amounts of DMT wich enabled me to gain telepathy at uncontrolled times, and some times i can make a small rolled up post it paper move on a flat surface such as a table. bottom line is that galantamine/choline did add value to my experiences..
    Agood book to read would be true halucinations by terrance mckenna, i think it helps people understand the importance of the pineal gland with a mixture of alpha frequency at 10 hz, the brain responds massive to the alpha frequency at 10 hz, mix in some galanimin/choline and the pineal gland reacts quick as to give you gifts we have only dream’d about ,good luck trying to figure out how to control the gifts that come and go as they please…


  37. for slimming for slimming

    • fasting works so much better !!

  38. This is not to do with jesus. While religious beliefs may help you up to a point, they will ultimately hold you down. This is an experience of the universal self. Well, actually the Omniversal self.

    • what works for me and other people may not work for you, it was my hard faith that push’d the big doors open , it was my faith in jesus that sent me deeper through the worm holes, i have seen and spoke with folks who are no longer living in this plane, they wish ‘d that there faith was much stronger when it counted , now there stuck in crap planes and are unable to move left or right anymore . i have never felt held down and have travel’d the universe unimpeded , its just a matter of believing every thing is possible until proven impossible. your soul is your omniversal self —and most people realize the universal force that gave you your soul , jesus was the incarnation of that force –therefore we often mock the things we dont understand, i suggest try to figure out what it is that gave you your soul and you then will become enlightened as to how it all really works , i suggest it is your lack of faith that holds you down–not my lack of understanding of how it works …..


      • Yes, thank YOU, G. Great job communicating. I also know that WE are being breathed, NOT doing the breathing ourselves. Don’t agree? Try it…hold your breath…stop breathing. 😉

  39. Adam, your experiences are so interesting that I’m compelled to experience a lucid dream or OBE and meet you. Also I may encounter with others here who have posted and astrally thank you for providing nice reading material. •Later brothers/sisters•

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