Posted by: b12dreamer | January 2, 2008

Lucid Dreaming Pill?

Last month, Dreaming Life held a panel discussion on whether there will ever be a Lucid Dreaming pill. A simple google search for “Lucid Dreaming Pill” brings up a plethora of results — doesn’t everyone want a pill that’ll bring INSTANT lucidity, every night?

These lucidity suppliments all contan a combination essentially the same thing: Vitamin B complex, galantamine, choline, melatonin — things proven to increase the ability for dream recall or vivid dreams. So really, maybe someone might hit it off right with the perfect combination of these things, right?

The pill I see come up the most often is Brilliant Dream’s pill. $40 will get you a 2-month supply of a combination of Vitamin B, Lycoris radiata (Galantamine), Choline, and Melatonin. My main problem with this pill is the lack of Choline. They use 100mg of Choline when the recommended dose for Lucid Dreaming is at least 400mg. Instead, they bank on Melatonin — a neurotransmitter made in your brain that regulates your sleep/wake cycle. Taking an excess of Melatonin may cause vivid dreams, usually bizarre ones. If I wanted this effect I’d skip this pill and stick with the 300 pills of Melatonin I got from Costco for $6.

Check out Dreaming Life’s blog for more information.


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